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BLE Day 45

I did not pre plan any of my meals on Sunday, which was my Day 45. 

I ate breakfast at my friend’s house because we had to do some planning for Pathfinders and we decided to share brunch before we got down to business. When I’m invited to another person’s house, I do not bring my scale to weigh food. I’m fairly certain my proportions weren’t right on and I think I was over on both grain and fruit. But it was a lovely time and the food was wholesome and delicious. The hostess even made the hot cereal without sugar which was super sweet of her!

Lunch was a quick meal at home. I’m still enjoying my homemade black bean patties with salsa or marinara and these came out of the freezer to be heated up. The corn was from Costco and I’ve been enjoying it all week. We also had Costco peaches and string cheese is always easy. It’s like a lunch of doubles!  I should have cut my cheese in half so there was two of everything!

Supper was also somewhat thrown together at home. I wasn’t really hungry and I didn’t feel like cooking so I kept things very simple again. 

Sunday wraps up the week and my Wellness Journal has served me well for another week of Bright Line Eating!!

BLE Day 44

I was not at home today for any of my meals. I knew what to expect though and still planned my food pretty well. 

Breakfast was prepped at home and then eaten in the car. 

Lunch was lakeside and when I’m out and about, I don’t worry about measuring, and I make the best possible choices even if my lines aren’t “perfect”. Life can happen and I’m ok with having some blurry lines now and then.  Lunch was absolutely delicious and I would have eaten more but I felt one plateful was enough!

I’ll be so glad when I’m on maintenance and I can add potatoes or grain to my other meals. Supper had two fabulous salads that I could have eaten on maintenance, but I just ate what was on the weight loss meal plan. I did have the black bean chips as part of my protein because there were like 3 ingredients (black beans, oil, salt), and my supper was pretty simple.
 I admit that I did go back for seconds because I was fairly certain that I didn’t have 14oz of veggies on my plate. I probably had a little extra fat with a second serving of dip as well, but again, I knew that it would not derail me, and raw veggies aren’t very filling!

I’m happy with my food today and I can’t wait for breakfast!!  Day 44 is done!

BLE Day 43

I’m trying something new tonight because this needs to be quick and easy in order for me to keep up with it daily. I will start with a “before” photo. We are looking at Day 43. 

This has my plan for the day, but in the case of today, I had failed to pre plan my food. Normally, my planned food would be written in pencil. 

Then I’ll show my meals. 




And then I’ll show my completed day. This may or may not have the plan penciled in for the following day. This time, it does. 

I may say a few words about the food…like that was my staple breakfast again and I plan to repeat it again tomorrow morning!  I also was well into eating my cereal before I remembered to snap the photo!

Lunch was a throw together quickly meal but it was yummy. I’m also switching my lunch and supper back to the order they’re supposed to be in. I figured I may as well do it now since I was going to do it when school started anyway. I’ll be interested to see if having no fruit at night makes any difference in the speed of my weight loss. 

Supper was a bit labor intensive but the grilled veggies are so tasty, it’s worth the effort!  Here’s a quick look at the marinated  veggies before they went under the broiler!

I also might include any other “foodie type things” that happened during the day. 

Today I picked and froze raspberries from our garden.

They are very small this year because they didn’t get enough water, but I’m getting all that I can!

The blueberries are just starting as well. 


I freeze on trays so they can be bagged and the berries won’t stick together. This makes them very easy to use down the road!

Overall it was a successful BLE day!!

Ordering My Life

I feel like I’m finally getting my act together in life. This year I turn 50. It’s about time. I have flirted with the debt free thing, flirted with healthy eating, struggled with the clutter, nevermind the actual cleaning.

A couple years ago I finally just had had it with debt. We had been debt free in our 30’s, INCLUDING the house so we knew what to do. We just got lazy. 

But I couldn’t live with that burden any longer so I got a part time job and started throwing my money at the debt. 

It was painful. Seeing thousands of dollars leave my hands and have really nothing to show for it taught me a solid lesson. I knew I never wanted to do this again. 

We followed the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps and just worked it. We fell off the wagon a bunch of times. But we crawled back on again and again and again. I’m happy to report that in September 2016, we paid our last debt. We could officially do our debt free scream and the burden was released!  With 10 more months of diligent focus, we finished Baby Step #3 and the new freedom from that is incredible!!

So…I (we, but I was the one pushing) got the money in order. That was the beginning of a new way of living. I try to budget, stay within the budget, and only buy what I really need. I still falter sometimes, but the habits have been established and I know I never want to experience that type of debt load again. 

Next came health. When I discovered Bright Line Eating it was so similar to writing a budget and then spending the budget, it felt right at home. Planning your food the night before is like a budget. Then eating the food as planned is like staying on your budget and spending in all the proper categories. Placing food on a plate that’s measured and fulfills each food category, and then knowing that it’s ok to eat every last morsel is very freeing!!  It was simple. It was and is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together and having them all fit!!  

It’s fun!  Really fun and after 42 days I feel like I’ve got this area of my life under control now so I can venture into the most difficult area of all (for me)….clutter!

What a plague to have stuff everywhere. I’ve filled a whole trailer load (a small one) with trash and unwanted things just this week and I’m sick that it’s all come out of my home.  Now to preface that a bit, lest you’re imagining an episode of “Hoarders”, most of it came out of my basement that flooded this spring, and it was stuff from when we moved 5 years ago. I’m dealing with neglect from the past and the process is excruciating. 

The only redeeming fact is that I have good systems in place now for paper and stuff, so it’s not continuing to pile up, and every item I deal with, I won’t have to look at it again. 

Money, Health, Stuff. I think many can relate. This is the order of attack that has worked for me. Living “Happy, Thin, and Free” is so much more than just losing weight!  I can see light at the end of a long and dark tunnel. I expect the next 50 years (yes, my goal now is to live till I’m 100!!) to be better than the first 50. 

I have a roadmap. I’ve traveled down the road. And best of all, I’m finally learning to enjoy the journey!!

Day 42

It’s past midnight. I’ve had a very busy, running around kind of day. I’ve been decluttering and dealing with paper this evening, which is the WORST, and I need to go to bed because I’m hungry and bored, and feeling a little sorry for myself again. 

Nothing about today’s food plans happened!  But my lines stayed bright. 

This is what I had planned for breakfast. 

This is what I ate instead. 

I woke up too late to do hot food so I grabbed my staple, quick plan. It’s always delicious!

Lunch was supposed to be this. 

I knew I would be squeezing it in after the Costco run and a trip to the vet.  I came home from Costco and the vet and threw together this. 

I had too much fat, but whatever!  I did so much exercise today I’m sure it made up for it. Plus, the butter was thin on the corn!!

Supper was also on the run. I think I’m fairly successful going to Chipotle, and that is what I had for supper. 

Plans were put out the window!

I had planned a sack lunch in the car while driving, but I had this instead!

All the yummy parts are under the lettuce!

I spent a lot of time in the car today but still got my 10K steps in. That’s how busy today was!!

Before I go, here is the first half of my week!

It’s been a good week so far. Oh!  And I was down by 0.4 this morning and I’m hoping to see a brand new number tomorrow morning, one that I haven’t seen in several years!!

Day 41

Good morning to a new day of whole foods!  Up 0.4 this morning. I don’t worry about the tiny fluctuations on the scale. 

I wasn’t sure how filling this cereal would be so that’s why I opted to use nuts as my entire protein. 

The strawberries and raspberries are from the garden. We also have blueberries, but they’re not ripe yet. 

This was a pretty quick prep time for lunch. The patties were in the fridge as leftovers. All my salad foods were basically prepped and in jars. 

I had to wash the snap peas and green beans since I picked them last night and put them straight into the jars without washing. 

This meal (protein, vegetable, salad, fat- and right now I’m switching the lunch and supper meals) always seems like a LOT of food. It was all very good. 

I like the different textures in food, sometimes even more than the taste. The coleslaw salad was fairly dry with no dressing, but having some soft cheese in it and alternating bites of it with the savory patties made it all taste delicious!

I just love knowing that my food is coming from my own garden or from basic ingredients out of my own kitchen. I’m planning to make the bean/mushroom patties again soon and I’ll share the recipe then. 

Right before I had supper, I had a food moment. I spent the whole day decluttering the contents of our basement that flooded this past spring. I already dealt with all the wet stuff during spring break, but the whole office was jammed full of boxes that were dry. 

Most of it is homeschooling materials which means I can use some for my classroom (I’m a teacher now. It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, lots has changed in my life.), I can get rid of a lot of it, and I can remember our homeschooling years which makes their cute handwriting and colored pictures sentimental and difficult to part with. There is also a lot of stuff we never did which leaves me feeling like a failure, even though I know overall, we did a good job. 

Needless to say, by 4:30 I wanted to snack and eat all things yummy, but those types of foods are not within my Bright Lines. I took a moment to think about how I was feeling. 

I wanted a treat, a reward for working so hard, some COMFORT food for doing such a grueling and mind taxing, awful job. But I chose to keep my lines bright and I drank water instead and quickly put together my supper. 

I had planned to eat this. It’s a life saver to plan your food the night before because executing the plan takes no additional decisions. And with a situation like this, another decision is NOT what I need to be doing when I’m tired, grumpy, and weak. 

I decided that peanut butter for my “fat” was more comforting than cheese, so I ate this. It was a compromise, but I didn’t cross any lines!

It was fast and easy to prep and I savored every bite.

As I ate, I could feel the peace come back over me and the cravings for all the treats went away. I am grateful for clarity of mind which has been a result of my new lifestyle and while in the past I would have just grabbed anything I could find, now I was able to make better choices and not pacify myself with unhealthy foods. I may have faltered a bit with the peanut butter (I didn’t measure it), but I stayed within my food plan and I feel like the day was a success especially since I was conscious of the “why” behind the cravings. 

Food should be food, not a reward, not a pacifier. It is for fuel and nourishment and should be enjoyed just for what it is. 

Bright Line Eating

I’ve read a book that has changed my life!  I’m going to post a photo of it and then share my journey here in this blog. 

When you step on the scale and the number that pops up is the same number that you saw when you were full term pregnant with your first child…well…SOMETHING NEEDS TO DRASTICALLY CHANGE!!!

I found myself middle aged, pudgy, and definitely not happy with what I was seeing in the mirror. 

This blog is going to become more like a foodie blog for a while because I’d like to share my experience and the results of reading Susan’s book. This has become a new way of life for me and while I’m already 10 lbs lighter after just 37 days, my sense of well being, my happiness, and my positive outlook are simply amazing!  I am loving life and finding a new level of vibrant living that I want to co tongue to experience. 

I plan to jump in where I’m at and as time allows I may backtrack and show my food for the past 39 days. I wanted to be sure this was going to stick before blogging about it and it has!  

I’m happy to answer questions but there won’t be a big explanation of how this all works. I’m simply going to just share how I’m doing it and my reactions each day. 

Now to share my journey!

Day 40

We are jumping in at Day 40!  Here is a quick look at last week in my Wellness Journal. I have been very faithful in planning my food the night before and then just executing my plan each day. This is a key to success with Bright Line Eating!!

Here is the current week, ready to go!!

I lost another 0.8 ounces today! I love seeing the numbers on the scale going down!!

Before I begin showing my food, I think it’s important for everyone to know that I have never enjoyed cooking. The kitchen has never been my friend and I have never found joy in the process of making food. 

Until now!

The book has truly changed my life and I am having so much fun in the kitchen now. I’m still a beginner cook in my own self evaluation, but I am able to figure out some very tasty things so I will share them here. I am not a fancy food blogger, just a girl with an iPhone, making simple food to nourish a body!!  And so we begin!

 Here is what I ate today. 

My yogurt and berries felt like eating dessert!!

This lunch was fun to make!

I started off by chopping my garden squash into tiny little cubes. 

I love this chopper so much. It’s so fast and easy to use!

Perfect little cubes!!

I dumped them in the pan with my veggie taco meat. 

I sautéed that around for a bit and then added my riced cauliflower. 

I used some turmeric and this wonderful seasoning from Costco to season the mix. 

While that was cooking I stepped outside to my bucket garden and snipped off some fresh cilantro. 

I didn’t use very much, just enough for a light sprinkle when my plate was ready. 

The food was looking very yummy!

I set my burner on low and began dumping my salad together. Since everything was basically prepped and already in quart jars, the salad was a snap to make. The tomato and kale are from our garden!  I love this time of year!

Dinner is served. YUM!!

Supper was pretty basic since I wasn’t very hungry from my lunch!

I love easy meals like this!

I enjoyed all my food very much today. Overall today was a great day of meals!