Day 42

It’s past midnight. I’ve had a very busy, running around kind of day. I’ve been decluttering and dealing with paper this evening, which is the WORST, and I need to go to bed because I’m hungry and bored, and feeling a little sorry for myself again. 

Nothing about today’s food plans happened!  But my lines stayed bright. 

This is what I had planned for breakfast. 

This is what I ate instead. 

I woke up too late to do hot food so I grabbed my staple, quick plan. It’s always delicious!

Lunch was supposed to be this. 

I knew I would be squeezing it in after the Costco run and a trip to the vet.  I came home from Costco and the vet and threw together this. 

I had too much fat, but whatever!  I did so much exercise today I’m sure it made up for it. Plus, the butter was thin on the corn!!

Supper was also on the run. I think I’m fairly successful going to Chipotle, and that is what I had for supper. 

Plans were put out the window!

I had planned a sack lunch in the car while driving, but I had this instead!

All the yummy parts are under the lettuce!

I spent a lot of time in the car today but still got my 10K steps in. That’s how busy today was!!

Before I go, here is the first half of my week!

It’s been a good week so far. Oh!  And I was down by 0.4 this morning and I’m hoping to see a brand new number tomorrow morning, one that I haven’t seen in several years!!

1 thought on “Day 42

  1. Dede

    At least you ate BLE compliant food, my brain works the same way, I have trouble following a strict rule, I need the freedom to be flexible as long as I stay within the lines. I’m also low on the susceptibility scale so I don’t get the crazy cravings.


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