Treasured Words


If I had a gem for every word
That touched my fragile heart
You would make me rich my friend
I don’t know where to start

In telling you what joy you bring
To me each day I find
An email filled with such kind words
To challenge my keen mind

Those words you share run through my head
Bringing smiles to my face
Vocabulary rich and to the point
Expanding my knowledge base

The topics fun but sometimes deep
Send me a message true
To think and ponder, stretching my mind
But I listen my friend to you

Because I know that what you share
With love comes from the heart
To harm or hurt is not your quest
Just your viewpoint to impart

Your words I value, firm and strong
So thankful they are free
The words that fill my heart and soul
A lifeline they are to me

So all the gems I now do hold
A treasure, I touch and see
Something I’ll cherish for years to come
A gift from you to me.

By KMc
© 2010 GraceWithoutTears.  All rights reserved.

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