Grace Without Tears

…I can’t share the whole story. It’s simply too private and too personal. What I will say is that the name of this blog was born in a moment of desperation…

“I really thought God was going to answer my prayer, but the silent tears began to flow.  My heart cried out to God…’I asked for grace…Why do you never answer my prayers?…Why do you always leave me heartbroken?…Can’t you give me just one experience that doesn’t leave my heart bleeding for more.  I asked for grace, GRACE WITHOUT TEARS!!!’

I wish I could say I have answers, but this is my current reality.  I have not come through the fire with a story to tell on the other side, but I am in the fire now.  It is hot.  It is painful.  But I am still here, and I will not give up.  I will not give up on my man and I will not give up on my God.”

I know that my life will continue to have struggles.  I choose to face them with grace.  I pray that God will help me face them with – Grace Without Tears.

By KMc
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