Monthly Archives: January 2015

New Year’s Resolutuon

Happy New Year!

I made 2 resolutions this year. They are super simple but things that will save us money and make my family very happy.

The first is to cook beans from scratch and not make them from store bought cans. We have quarts and quarts of dried beans that we grew in our garden when we lived on the homestead. I have barely touched them. This year I plan to make all my own beans to use as many as I can.

My second resolution is similar. It has to do with food and using what we have around here.


Homemade bread anyone?

This year I plan to make all our own bread. I have wonderful wheat berries and a grinder. Fresh bread needs to happen, and so far I have accomplished my goal!

Homemade bread is the best and the finished product makes the house smell so good and it tastes so delicious!

I love seeing the bread all packaged after it’s freshly baked. I use simple clothes pins covered with Washi tape to close the bags


And who can go wrong with a rainbow? This just makes me happy!



I use these clothes pins for everything! They are my favorite for closing things in my kitchen and pantry!

I hope to close many bags of bread this year, save money, and serve whole grain goodness to my family.