Living in the 20%

“There are so few marriages that work that involve a partner with Aspergers. Statistics say that 80% of them fail. Statistics also say that 80% of marriages with a child with a disability also fail. Add to that, 80% of communication is non-verbal, something that people with Aspergers miss in daily interaction, and you have a recipe for absolute disaster in my life and marriage. I find myself struggling in the 20%, but I hope I can find a way to make it not a struggle, and instead, find a way to thrive anyway. There has to be a way. There has to be a path that others can follow, to find some manner of happiness in a marriage that is this difficult. Maybe I can pioneer something, be the first to figure something out. I have to do it, at least for me, and my own children. It has helped a lot that I’ve adjusted my expectations severely. It was painful to do, but now that it’s done, I can live with it. I don’t feel like I live in the struggle as much anymore, so I must be doing something that is working:)” 

By KMc
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