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Homemade Laundry Soap

I made laundry soap today. I’ve done it before and liked it well enough, but when it was gone, I just bought my regular type from the store, and didn’t bother doing it again.

I have a friend visiting, and she gave me a new recipe, so I tried it again.


All you do is grate the Fels Naptha and then mix everything together. I love the fragrance crystals. They make it smell so good!! I have been using this soap for the dog beds and I LOVE it!! I will be making a batch for my house soon and I will probably try some lavender crystals.

I think I won’t be going back to Tide for a long time!

(I started this post in July, and finally published it at the end of August. That is why I can make soap and use it to wash dog beds all in the “same day”)



Something happens when a boy turns 13. The excitement of becoming a teenager must loosen a spring or two…or ten.

I hardly recognize this child, who only yesterday was the “Baby Wise” baby that did everything by the book. How did 13 years pass already?

Maybe it’s because there are three teenagers in this house now. Perhaps the equilibrium of non-chaos cannot be present in the midst of three teens.

But the other two didn’t seem to lose any springs when they turned 13. Maybe they will be late bloomers!

A loose spring produces, err…enhances a mouth that never stops talking. A loose spring guides the individual to do the most ridiculous things just to get a reaction. A loose spring causes severe forgetfulness when chores in any way, shape, or form are expected to be completed. A loose spring miraculously though, enables the teen to sit in front of a computer for hours on end, never tiring, and nary coming up for air, and only for a sandwich or potty break.

And the worst thing of all is that the loose spring can be thoroughly annoying, driving a mother to the edge of her sanity, wondering where to find a tool…any tool…to get that spring contained and back into the place where it belongs.

I am hopeful that time itself will fix the loose spring, because I know there is a nice young man in there, slowly finding his way out into the big wide world!

Summer Is Almost Over…

…and I haven’t shared anything.  Lots has been happening, but nothing here in the blog.  I figured I better check in and try to get geared up.  School starts next Monday and there will be plenty of things to share.  For now, summer has included some of these:

two older children working full time at the school

youngest child with head in computer almost non-stop (mom not happy)

dog kennel running more smoothly than ever

dog bath and hot water in nursery = clean dogs with short hair

garden neglected and weeds everywhere:(

me working part time (1 day weekly) pulling weeds at the school and supervising teenagers doing this job

hubby gone most of the summer doing gym floors

teaching kindergarten ss at church, and absolutely loving it

ordered erin condren planner, and so excited for it to arrive

switched from iPhone calendar app, back to Cozi calendar app. 

the last 2 things are both happy, colorful, and make me smile:)

bought Jackie Evancho tickets to take my mom to her concert

plan trip to CA to visit my mom and go to JE concert!

school board and voted to accept all students that applied 

school supply shopping, keeping it simple

new pants for oldest boy.  funny how he wants only one type, in various colors

daughter making chef hats for the school cafe (I probably will share photos of this)

savoring last week of summer.  weather nice and hot.  winter on its way…