Summer Is Almost Over…

…and I haven’t shared anything.  Lots has been happening, but nothing here in the blog.  I figured I better check in and try to get geared up.  School starts next Monday and there will be plenty of things to share.  For now, summer has included some of these:

two older children working full time at the school

youngest child with head in computer almost non-stop (mom not happy)

dog kennel running more smoothly than ever

dog bath and hot water in nursery = clean dogs with short hair

garden neglected and weeds everywhere:(

me working part time (1 day weekly) pulling weeds at the school and supervising teenagers doing this job

hubby gone most of the summer doing gym floors

teaching kindergarten ss at church, and absolutely loving it

ordered erin condren planner, and so excited for it to arrive

switched from iPhone calendar app, back to Cozi calendar app. 

the last 2 things are both happy, colorful, and make me smile:)

bought Jackie Evancho tickets to take my mom to her concert

plan trip to CA to visit my mom and go to JE concert!

school board and voted to accept all students that applied 

school supply shopping, keeping it simple

new pants for oldest boy.  funny how he wants only one type, in various colors

daughter making chef hats for the school cafe (I probably will share photos of this)

savoring last week of summer.  weather nice and hot.  winter on its way…


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