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Garden 2013 Plants

It’s about this time of year when I vow to myself that, next year, I will start my plants from seed. The little bundle of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and flowers cost me a whopping $60+ dollars and it won’t even begin to fill my space!

I do have seeds and will start some things like beets and peas and beans from seed, and I need to make that happen before the end of the week!

I hope to lay down the water lines today and put the grids on the boxes. Yesterday The Woodman drilled in the screws so we can weave our lines and make our grids.


I also found some old steer manure to put on my hay bales. There is a lot of conflicting information on hay bale gardening. Some say use chemical fertilizer, some say use organic, others say don’t bother with any. I stood in Home Depot yesterday in front of the fertilizers long enough to be asked twice by the same worker if I needed help! I finally left with the Marigolds and that was it for the garden.

The only thing I’m fairly certain about with hay bale gardening is that I have no idea what I’m doing! I found some old bags of steer manure so I’m going to water it into my bales and then do it again with a second old bag in a few days.

The key is for the bales to heat up and begin decomposing, creating an optimal soil to grow in. Hopefully I will achieve that!


The Woodman found some Pearlite bags up at the other house, from some project long past that I never did, so I’m going to toss that into my garden beds along with some compost and call it good. And then finally, I will actually start planting!!


More Cake Magic

Once again, Kaelyn is working some magic with “cakes”…this time for a project for English class at school.


She and her friend worked together to decorate cupcakes, and an African Gray parrot, made out of Rice Krispies and frosting.


The process was fun, but took a lot of time and effort.

At school, they will present the bird with the cupcakes all around the bottom.



I’m happy to report that they did get an “A” on the project.  Everyone thought the bird was amazing!!


Garden Update 2013

Its time to plant! The garden has been sitting and looking pretty and I love the way it looks! But tomorrow I’m going to a new nursery to get some plants. There will be green in the garden soon, and something else new.

Today, I hauled 6 bales of straw into the garden for a new endeavor this year called “straw bale gardening”. I have read 2 books on the subject, one last year and one this year and I’m ready to give it a try.

The concept is simple, use decomposed straw for your garden base and create a warm base without weeds for your garden to grow in.

Since straw itself offers no nutrient value, you have to prep and “condition” the bales. It takes 12 days to condition the bales so tomorrow will be day #1. Today I just watered the heck out of the straw bales after I dragged them over from the barn.



We’re still discussing watering systems. I’d like drip hose everywhere, but because I plan to make my boxes in the “square foot garden” style, I feel like I need 4 hoses in each box. So figuring out how to get this all on one hose system with a timer is what we’re up against right now.