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BLE Day 51

…and we begin…with no plan again. My meals really suffer and look very elementary when I’m throwing them together at the last minute. 

Breakfast – this was good and visually looked good as well. Breakfast is the easiest meal though. 

Lunch – basic food. Lazy day. 

Supper – this did not look very good and while it tasted OK, I hate to have to even show a picture because this food does not look like something I would want to serve other people. I can do better than this if I plan ahead. 

Oh! I forgot the garden grown tomatoes. Had these been on my plate, it would have looked like a more inviting meal. 

And that’s a wrap!

Prompting Change

When the snowball gets rolling, it just keeps gaining speed and momentum.  With the money situation in order (we became debt free in September 2016 and I meant to blog all about it, but it just didn’t happen.  Super exciting though!!), and the eating situation in order, I’ve moved into organization mode because I have the energy to do it now, and I’m getting a taste of how great it feels to cut out what is not needed in life and finally simplify.

I’m sure you’re heard of Kon Marie, the Japanese woman that wrote the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and maybe you’ve even started sorting through your clothing, only keeping those things that bring “joy” into your life.  For those new to KM, her system is different than all others because she has you clean and purge according to category instead of room by room.  This approach allows you to really see what you own, really evaluate what you NEED, and really get in touch with what you truly LOVE and what brings you real JOY to own.

After our basement flooded last spring, I’ve been sort of forced to go through ignored boxes of things that haven’t been unpacked since we moved in 2007 to WA state.  My family has urged me to just throw the boxes away since we haven’t opened them in 10 years, but I can’t bring myself to do that because I know of a few key items that I LOVE, and I want to find them.  In going through the boxes, I’m finding all kinds of things and sorting them into categories.

Now with each category, I’m deciding what to keep and what to donate or toss.  It has been a VERY eye opening process.  I first gathered all of the Erin Condren brand items that I’ve collected over the past few years.


I did not realize how much I had until I FINALLY put it all together in one place.  This covers most of my living room floor! Much of this was actually free to me since I run a blog for my planner (www.myerincondren.com) and I’ve received many referral credits for introducing others to the Erin Condren brand.  But it’s still an indication of allowing an area of my life to be totally out of control.

Next I gathered sticky notes.

Now that I’m a teacher, I am confident that I will actually use ALL of these in a couple of years.  I go through them very quickly in my classroom, so I’ve packed these all up in a tote and I’ll just grab them when I need them as the year/s pass.

They’re even pretty in storage!

Today I grabbed all the note pads that I had collected from various areas of the house.  This one made me stop and consider WHY I had this many notepads and office supplies in general.

I’ve always loved office supplies.  I had a stationery collection and a sticker collection that were sacred to me when I was a little girl.  I still have a stationery collection and sticker collection that I plan to use (and do use), but I want to focus on these list pads right now.

Why would I buy THIS MANY lists?  What in the world was I thinking?  Some of these are duplicates with multiples of exactly the same pad.  I’ve concluded that having this many list pads gives a false sense that everything is in control when in reality things are just the opposite.   Owning all the tools for order doesn’t result in order, and sometimes it can just cause more chaos.  It’s a dream, an imagination, this idea of being organized, and making a list is the way to get that started.  But wanting a dream and making changes to move toward a goal are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things.

Changing my eating habits has given me a much clearer mind and I’m learning so much about myself.  I evaluate everything I purchase now and I’m able to make clear distinctions about what I need versus the things I simply want.  I won’t be buying things that give me a wishful reality because my mind doesn’t need them, my body doesn’t need them, and the space in my home doesn’t need them.

The question now is, what am I going to do with all these pads?!!

BLE Day 50

Today marks 50 days of Bright Line Eating, 50 days of new habits, 50 days of my new way of living and eating. I also have 111 days till my 50th bday.

It was a great weight loss week with the scale going down by 2.4 lbs. I think that is my largest weekly loss since the first week of Bright Line Eating. 

At this rate, I should be really close to goal weight by my birthday and that will be the very best present I have ever given myself. 

I took some progress photos today but I don’t really think anyone wants to see a 49 year old half naked body. Maybe when I’m on the other side of this journey, I’ll have enough courage to post them!!

Today had two shiny bright meals and one not so much. I also had no real pre plans—AGAIN!!

Breakfast was really yummy and I want to do it again soon!

Lunch was a quick throw together type lunch and I expect many of my lunches to be this way during the school year. 

I was starving when I ate it and did not want to wait for something to cook!

Supper did not get a picture. I was away from home and there wasn’t much food for me to choose from that wasn’t NMF. I had fruit for a 3rd time tonight!  And some rice crackers plus what is listed in my food journal. I don’t feel real guilty. I did my best and I’ll be back on track again tomorrow. 

Day 50 is a wrap!

BLE Day 49

Very bright lines today!

Oh, but no pre-planning. 

Breakfast was status quo, my go-to breakfast that is always delicious!

Lunch was a nice surprise because my hubby came home unexpectedly and we were able to eat together. The green beans are from the garden!

We went out there and picked food today. I need to take more pictures because there is a ton of food ready to harvest!  I snapped a quickie of the ripe tomatoes. 

We picked and picked and the only available place to hold everything was my shirt. I was ready to give birth!!

It was an easy labor and delivery!

Everything in a more organized manner!!

I’ve already blanched and frozen the zucchini. Excited to learn how to do this!


I froze it on my cookie sheets with the silpat mat. This allows me to pull it off the sheet really easily. 

Bagged and ready to use!!

This evening I found myself wanting goodies and sweets. I realized I was hungry and I better get to work on putting together a quick supper. 

Radishes and peas were from the garden for this meal!

Day 49, that’s a wrap. I have a count down in my planner. There are 112 days until my 50th birthday. Hoping to be very close to goal weight by that time!

For the first time since May 1st, I forgot to do my core exercises. This means I won’t get Saturday off.