BLE Day 50

Today marks 50 days of Bright Line Eating, 50 days of new habits, 50 days of my new way of living and eating. I also have 111 days till my 50th bday.

It was a great weight loss week with the scale going down by 2.4 lbs. I think that is my largest weekly loss since the first week of Bright Line Eating. 

At this rate, I should be really close to goal weight by my birthday and that will be the very best present I have ever given myself. 

I took some progress photos today but I don’t really think anyone wants to see a 49 year old half naked body. Maybe when I’m on the other side of this journey, I’ll have enough courage to post them!!

Today had two shiny bright meals and one not so much. I also had no real pre plans—AGAIN!!

Breakfast was really yummy and I want to do it again soon!

Lunch was a quick throw together type lunch and I expect many of my lunches to be this way during the school year. 

I was starving when I ate it and did not want to wait for something to cook!

Supper did not get a picture. I was away from home and there wasn’t much food for me to choose from that wasn’t NMF. I had fruit for a 3rd time tonight!  And some rice crackers plus what is listed in my food journal. I don’t feel real guilty. I did my best and I’ll be back on track again tomorrow. 

Day 50 is a wrap!

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