BLE Day 49

Very bright lines today!

Oh, but no pre-planning. 

Breakfast was status quo, my go-to breakfast that is always delicious!

Lunch was a nice surprise because my hubby came home unexpectedly and we were able to eat together. The green beans are from the garden!

We went out there and picked food today. I need to take more pictures because there is a ton of food ready to harvest!  I snapped a quickie of the ripe tomatoes. 

We picked and picked and the only available place to hold everything was my shirt. I was ready to give birth!!

It was an easy labor and delivery!

Everything in a more organized manner!!

I’ve already blanched and frozen the zucchini. Excited to learn how to do this!


I froze it on my cookie sheets with the silpat mat. This allows me to pull it off the sheet really easily. 

Bagged and ready to use!!

This evening I found myself wanting goodies and sweets. I realized I was hungry and I better get to work on putting together a quick supper. 

Radishes and peas were from the garden for this meal!

Day 49, that’s a wrap. I have a count down in my planner. There are 112 days until my 50th birthday. Hoping to be very close to goal weight by that time!

For the first time since May 1st, I forgot to do my core exercises. This means I won’t get Saturday off. 

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