BLE Day 48

After yesterday’s food, I really enjoyed my food today!  I haven’t been doing my pre-planning which makes the days way more difficult.  I did know that I was going to eat the potato salad my friend made and took to the picnic on Sabbath.  I wasn’t able to eat it then because we didn’t share breakfast (the only meal I can do potatoes right now), so I asked her for some that I could take home.  So I knew I would be eating at least that for breakfast!!

I stayed pretty close to my usual breakfast, only substituting the potato for my usual cold or hot cereal.

For lunch I got really excited because I pulled out my Planet Box Launch and used it to practice for when school starts in a few weeks.  Since I’m an elementary school teacher, I have to pack a “sack” lunch every day, and this year I want to use my Planet Box to carry my lunches!  This beautifully held all my food and it was fun to eat it out of all of the little compartments!

The sunflower decorative magnets just make me happy when I see them!  I also have the Planet Box Rover with 5 compartments and there will be some days that I use that one as well.  These both have a regular lunch bag carrier that they fit into perfectly and there are a few accessories for dips, heating food in the microwave, etc.

Supper turned out to be a GREEN meal!!  I didn’t mean for that to happen, but after my food was all on my plate I realized there was no pop of color in my food!  I didn’t let it bother me.  I was really hungry by the time I ate supper and spiralized zucchini with marinara and parmesan is always super yummy!!  I wasn’t sure how to count the edamame beans or the parmesan cheese so I just used 1 ounce of each and called it a meal.  After investigating, I discovered that I had done it correctly and stayed within the lines!

I’ve been thinking that the angle of taking the picture of food from the top down isn’t the most attractive way to photograph food.  So I tried a different angle with this meal.  I don’t aspire to be a food blogger.  Honestly, when I hit my goal weight, I’ll probably stop blogging about food altogether.  But my hope has been that if people can really watch someone’s BLE journey, see the good, the bad, the mistakes, the successes, the yummy food, the icky food, and realize that all of these things make up the journey, and each day is not going to be perfect, and some days are going to be perfect, not every meal will be super yummy, yet a lot of meals WILL be super yummy…if I can show this through my blog, I’ll feel like it was worth my time and hopefully helpful to someone!

I hope people are enjoying this journey!  Day 48, that’s a wrap!

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