Daily Archives: July 22, 2017

BLE Day 44

I was not at home today for any of my meals. I knew what to expect though and still planned my food pretty well. 

Breakfast was prepped at home and then eaten in the car. 

Lunch was lakeside and when I’m out and about, I don’t worry about measuring, and I make the best possible choices even if my lines aren’t “perfect”. Life can happen and I’m ok with having some blurry lines now and then.  Lunch was absolutely delicious and I would have eaten more but I felt one plateful was enough!

I’ll be so glad when I’m on maintenance and I can add potatoes or grain to my other meals. Supper had two fabulous salads that I could have eaten on maintenance, but I just ate what was on the weight loss meal plan. I did have the black bean chips as part of my protein because there were like 3 ingredients (black beans, oil, salt), and my supper was pretty simple.
 I admit that I did go back for seconds because I was fairly certain that I didn’t have 14oz of veggies on my plate. I probably had a little extra fat with a second serving of dip as well, but again, I knew that it would not derail me, and raw veggies aren’t very filling!

I’m happy with my food today and I can’t wait for breakfast!!  Day 44 is done!