BLE Day 43

I’m trying something new tonight because this needs to be quick and easy in order for me to keep up with it daily. I will start with a “before” photo. We are looking at Day 43. 

This has my plan for the day, but in the case of today, I had failed to pre plan my food. Normally, my planned food would be written in pencil. 

Then I’ll show my meals. 




And then I’ll show my completed day. This may or may not have the plan penciled in for the following day. This time, it does. 

I may say a few words about the food…like that was my staple breakfast again and I plan to repeat it again tomorrow morning!  I also was well into eating my cereal before I remembered to snap the photo!

Lunch was a throw together quickly meal but it was yummy. I’m also switching my lunch and supper back to the order they’re supposed to be in. I figured I may as well do it now since I was going to do it when school started anyway. I’ll be interested to see if having no fruit at night makes any difference in the speed of my weight loss. 

Supper was a bit labor intensive but the grilled veggies are so tasty, it’s worth the effort!  Here’s a quick look at the marinated  veggies before they went under the broiler!

I also might include any other “foodie type things” that happened during the day. 

Today I picked and froze raspberries from our garden.

They are very small this year because they didn’t get enough water, but I’m getting all that I can!

The blueberries are just starting as well. 


I freeze on trays so they can be bagged and the berries won’t stick together. This makes them very easy to use down the road!

Overall it was a successful BLE day!!

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