Bright Line Eating

I’ve read a book that has changed my life!  I’m going to post a photo of it and then share my journey here in this blog. 

When you step on the scale and the number that pops up is the same number that you saw when you were full term pregnant with your first child…well…SOMETHING NEEDS TO DRASTICALLY CHANGE!!!

I found myself middle aged, pudgy, and definitely not happy with what I was seeing in the mirror. 

This blog is going to become more like a foodie blog for a while because I’d like to share my experience and the results of reading Susan’s book. This has become a new way of life for me and while I’m already 10 lbs lighter after just 37 days, my sense of well being, my happiness, and my positive outlook are simply amazing!  I am loving life and finding a new level of vibrant living that I want to co tongue to experience. 

I plan to jump in where I’m at and as time allows I may backtrack and show my food for the past 39 days. I wanted to be sure this was going to stick before blogging about it and it has!  

I’m happy to answer questions but there won’t be a big explanation of how this all works. I’m simply going to just share how I’m doing it and my reactions each day. 

Now to share my journey!


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