FBI Banquet

Spring Banquet was this evening! Just want to share a few photos! I helped Horse Girl do her hair and had a great time in the girls’ dorm while everyone got dressed and ready for the evening. My baby girl melted my heart. She looked so beautiful and sweet and girly!


She had to modify the dress a bit to make it pass “dress code”.  She made and sewed on the 2-inch straps as well as the rosettes.  The finished product didn’t look pieced together at all, but was very classy and it fit her perfectly!  She also took off about 6 inches around the hem because it was too long for her.  I was so proud of her for doing the work herself, and having a finished dress that looked professionally done!


Checking all our finishing touches before she left the dorm to find her “date”.  The Freshman girls all got together for a group photo!  These girls will all be 4-year seniors together, so these special events are great bonding moments with some of these friendships having the potential to last a lifetime!




Bookworm Boy took advantage of the free food and activity and went to the banquet without a date. He looked super sharp in his suit and shades.


Horse Girl and her friend, T. They looked adorable together, if I might say so myself!


They had a fun evening. The theme was FBI Banquet, so the cafeteria was decorated like city streets, lights dim, and it looked dark inside of there. I don’t know what the program was like, but was told the food was really good.  After the meal, the kids did different activities. Horse Girl and T went to play Lazer Tag.


She made these T-shirts for them to wear. There is a cute story behind the shirts. When he accepted her invitation (it was girls ask guys), they kept it secret for a while and referred to one another as Agent 57 and Agent 83, the code names he had assigned them.

I love that my kids can go to a school that provides activities that create great memories.  Just 6 more banquets till graduation!  I know time is going to fly!


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