Daily Archives: April 17, 2013

Poetry Fail

I am behind on my poems.  Sunday was the Banquet.  Monday I subbed for grades 5-8.  Tuesday I subbed for grades K-2.  Today I recovered from the past 3 days!!  I haven’t decided if I will try to make up my lost days, or just begin anew tomorrow.  Life has felt really busy and maybe it’s easier to write poetry when I’m feeling relaxed.

We have also had to face the facts regarding the 2 ER visits we had earlier this year, and the financial toll it will take on our pocket-book.  I think I’m feeling a lot of stress about that, and poetry simply doesn’t flow when I’m feeling stressed.

But I will try again tomorrow!  I love writing poetry, and I’ve had a lot of fun so far, so I’m certainly not going to allow a bump in the road to derail me completely.