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Poetry Challenge Day 7 – Poem From the Past & A Guest Poem

A few days ago, I decided that during this poetry month of April, I would share poems from the past every 7th day.  Today, I will share a poem that I wrote back in 1990.  It is the first poem that I cared about, born of heartbreak, and written from the heart.  I think it’s safe to say it was inspired by things deeper than nature or the weather.

The paper is now worn and tired, but the words will never lose their meaning…



By KMc
©2013 GraceWithoutTears
All Rights Reserved

My guest author is my cousin, whom I have met twice.  I love that I’m related to her and love that we’ve connected on FB.  She actually sent me 2 poems, but the 2nd one will have to wait till the 14th when I share another poem from the past, and another poem from her.  Enjoy!


I have a cousin named Kristy
Whose poetry has inspired me

What are the tools?
I don’t know the rules

Give it a try, what’s to lose
Words put together
But I have to choose

Fear and hesitation
Could be my occupation

What the heck
I’ll stick out my neck

Having fun
Until I’m done…

By Darlene, 4-6-13
©2013 GraceWithoutTears
All Rights Reserved