BLE Day 52

I have a plan today!  It already needs to be adjusted thought because I forgot we are going to the air show and I’ll have to pack a lunch.  It should be a fairly easy adjustment. 

Today was a milestone!  This is the last pack of original Quaker Oatmeal. 

These have been floating around our home for a LONG time because nobody would eat them…

But now they are a staple on my menu plan and I will need to buy some more!

Breakfast this morning not only tasted good but it looked good too. I’m trying to get better at making my food look as delicious as it tastes. 

Lunch ended up being late and we had to hike back to the car to eat it. They didn’t allow any food into the Air Force base today and we got busy watching the air show. 

We ate so fast I didn’t snap a picture. I had too much protein at lunch but other than that, everything stayed on track. 

For supper, I was starving again and could barely wait to eat. I fixed up some quick fried cauliflower rice and rounded out the meal with produce from our garden. I didn’t measure anything truly because I was too lazy and starving and I didn’t want to wait.  Those are bad reasons, but the truth. 

I took the peas out of the shells and ate them raw. So sweet and good!!

I also had some mixed nuts that I ate while I was making the rest of the meal.  I know this is not a good habit to get into.  

Looking forward to a new week and seeing where the BLE journey will take me!  

Another successful week with Bright Line Eating. Things weren’t perfect but progress was made and that is always my goal!

That’s a wrap!!

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