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Volunteer Fireman

The Woodman is venturing into some new territory. This should be an exciting journey. Spring training has begun. Prayers for safety:)


Poetry Challenge Day 12 – To MY English Teacher

Prompt: Write a poem consisting entirely of things you would like to say, but never would, to a parent, lover, sibling, child, teacher, roommate, best friend, mayor, president, corporate CEO, etc.

I know just who to send it to. It would only be better if I had become the principal and future boss to this individual. She really did damage my confidence for many years. But no longer!! I have risen above that memory and moved forward with gusto.

I do have some things to say…


My words you critiqued
Red marks all over the page
Never pleased your eye

Discouraged I left
English my new enemy
Because you were harsh

Now in life I know
Writing brings me joy and fun
Your opinion wrong

I write for me now
Words unfiltered to the page
Genuine and true

A book I may write
Despite your view of my words
I control the pen

By KMc
©2013 GraceWithoutTears
All Rights Reserved

Poetry Challenge Day 11 – Daughter of My Heart

Prompt: Write a Tanka, a poem based on syllables, 5-7-5-7-7. Usually talks about nature, seasons, love, sadness, or other strong emotions.


Joy and laughter filled the room
Pink rose lips and cheeks
Heart bursting with love for her
Sixteen years the pages turn

Creative is she
All must stop to see her work
Eyes and mouth in awe
Her hands do things one just dreams
Effortless she wows us all

Daughter of my heart
Keeps home and life filled with fun
Ideas coming
Bringing joy to all around
My baby girl all grown up






Sunday is spring banquet. Her dress fits her perfectly. I can’t wait to see how beautiful she will look! Of course, I’ll post pictures:)

By KMc
©2013 GraceWithoutTears
All Rights Reserved

Poetry Challenge Day 10 – Broken Promise

Todays prompt: Write an “un-love poem”.


The wrinkles wrap her hand in time
New lines form with each day
The ring of promise circles none
Instead it’s tucked away

With card and song he gave to her
This token of his heart
Small steps they took to seal their love
A future they would start

But as time passed he never asked
And love walked out the door
The ring she kept forgotten not
But hidden in a drawer

The promise to be one at last
A memory she could see
But he forgot the promise made
And had a new family

The ring an empty void of love
Was once a dream to start
But life not lived between these two
Broke the promise broke the heart

By KMc
©2013 GraceWithoutTears
All Rights Reserved

Poetry Challenge Day 9 – Lock & Key

The prompt today – Noir.
1. Of or relating to the film noir genre.
2. Of or relating to a genre of crime literature featuring tough cynical characters, and bleak settings.


Tall and sleek he stood with grace
His shoulders square and broad
Dark glasses coat and hat worn low
No one would see a fraud

His craft was words he used with skill
He dreamed them while he slept
The girl so innocent sweet and young
But soon her heart he swept

He offered dreams through words of love
She listened rapt with smiles
Naive with trust she heard the words
He spoke across the miles

She gave him all, her heart her soul
Her friendship free and true
She dreamed he’d one day give it back
‘Twas something he’d never do

The life he had was good enough
To leave it was no gain
And having love across the miles
‘Twas only her to blame

The fact that she adored him so
Brought strength to soul and mind
To cut the cord that filled a need
Why would he draw that line?

And so his crime was stolen love
He held with lock and key
To turn the lock he never would
Their hearts could not be free.

By KMc
©2013 GraceWithoutTears
All Rights Reserved

Poetry Challenge Day 8 – Forced Poetry Lacks Inspiration

I looked up the writing prompt this morning from the NaPoWriMo blog site to see what ideas they had. It was suggested to write a poem with the rhyming pattern A-B-A-B-A-B-C-C, so I gave it a try. I will say that I enjoy being inspired much more by the beauty or events surrounding me, than trying to follow a certain pattern. But I made it work and wrote a poem. I don’t like it. I feel like I did it because I had to.


The clock keeps ticking 1-2-3
A poem I must write today
Follow the pattern this way
A few more lines forced out of me
But there’s not much to say
If I wasn’t cramming this would be fun
This is the last line and now I’m done:)

By KMc
©2013 GraceWithoutTears
All Rights Reserved

Poetry Challenge Day 7 – Poem From the Past & A Guest Poem

A few days ago, I decided that during this poetry month of April, I would share poems from the past every 7th day.  Today, I will share a poem that I wrote back in 1990.  It is the first poem that I cared about, born of heartbreak, and written from the heart.  I think it’s safe to say it was inspired by things deeper than nature or the weather.

The paper is now worn and tired, but the words will never lose their meaning…



By KMc
©2013 GraceWithoutTears
All Rights Reserved

My guest author is my cousin, whom I have met twice.  I love that I’m related to her and love that we’ve connected on FB.  She actually sent me 2 poems, but the 2nd one will have to wait till the 14th when I share another poem from the past, and another poem from her.  Enjoy!


I have a cousin named Kristy
Whose poetry has inspired me

What are the tools?
I don’t know the rules

Give it a try, what’s to lose
Words put together
But I have to choose

Fear and hesitation
Could be my occupation

What the heck
I’ll stick out my neck

Having fun
Until I’m done…

By Darlene, 4-6-13
©2013 GraceWithoutTears
All Rights Reserved