BLE Day 57

I’m blogging the day after because I was uninspired by yesterday’s food. It’s the result of not prioritizing meal prep time in my day so I threw together lunch and supper and they were definitely blah. 

The day had a good start, but I deviated from my lunch and supper plans. 

I had to meet a parent at my classroom so I packed a sack breakfast. 

It was easy and good and my staple breakfast of Shredded wheat, yogurt, nuts, and fruit. I was able to grab one of my yogurt cups, so that was a bonus!

I worked in my classroom ALL DAY LONG and ignored the fact that I skipped lunch and felt the pang of hunger all afternoon.  Dealing with that experience prompted this post in the BLE unofficial FB group. 

Of course, I didn’t actually feed my body on time, but I dealt with the hunger feeling by just ignoring it for as long as I could. 

When I finally got home, I was starving and threw together this “lunch” (it was 4pm) in less than 5 minutes. 

I was also in our basement yesterday and grabbed a jar of garden grown black beans that we grew a couple years ago. I sorted out the lighter colored ones and now I’m ready to find a yummy, simple recipe for cooking black beans. We have a lot of these and I want to start using them!!

By the time I was hungry for supper, it was around 10pm. It was another throw together meal. I ended up eating just the patty with salsa and the tomatoes. The celery and garden cucumber were both a little bitter, and since it was so late, I just really wasn’t hungry anyway, so I didn’t finish eating them. 

My core exercises were easy again, so that was a positive aspect of my health/food day!

I already knew what I wanted for breakfast…a big fat peach!  My family has been devouring the box we got from Costco so I decided I better hurry up and eat at least one before they’re gone!

That’s a wrap!

2 thoughts on “BLE Day 57

  1. April Driggers

    I’m loving your visual representations! I just finished the book and am looking for simple ideas and inspiration for meals. Knowing I’m still cooking for a family but wanting to embark on this journey means, I need EASY satisfying meals for me. 🙂 So…. do you make your own yogurt? I can’t seem to find yogurt that’s BLE compliant…. i see many eat Greek yogurt, but that tastes like sour cream to me and I just can’t choke it down (unless it’s mixed with something into…like a veggie dip or something?) Anyway, I absolutely love yogurt so any input would be soooo greatly appreciated!

    1. gracewithouttears Post author

      It took me a while to learn to like Greek yogurt. I eat Fage brand. It was soooo terrible at first. Once sugar was out of my system my taste buds changed and I began to like it. I ate a vanilla yogurt for a while to transition to the Fage. Give yourself time.


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