Hi Again!

I think about blogging often. I imagine a vibrant blog full of words that create pictures and imaginations and possibly tears. It requires action…action on my part, to get the writing on the page. 

It’s spring break. I’m home and have time to write. I plan to write more, especially during April. 

April is NaPoRiMo, National Poetry Writimg Month. The idea is to write a poem a day for every day in April. 

I’m going to do this again. I attempted this a few years ago and wrote some of my favorite poems. I love the challenge of rhymes and words and verse and rhythm and cadence!

I was looking through my phone (as I often scribble down thoughts on my “yellow pad”), and found this Haiku. It will probably sneak in as a poem on a day I’m short on time. I’m pretty sure I wrote it, but I don’t remember when!


Brightness falling dim
Many colors coming one
Sundown turning night

This was a recent sunset after a busy week.  Enjoy!


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