Everything (that I bought) Is Planted

This is a blast from the past post that never got published!  I was amazed to see this garden space looking so incredible. It’s nothing but weeds right now. I guess it’s a testament to my motivation to have some type of garden. This was before our current greenhouse and garden. Enjoy!
“Finally, everything I spent money on is in the ground or in the hay bales. I have lots of space still. It’s amazing how much space there is when you’re dealing with square feet.” 8/10/13


This looked so amazing. I don’t remember what we harvested from this space. I do remember that the hay bales did not work. I clearly had not seasoned them well or given them enough nutrients to sustain and nourish the plants. 

I have so many drafts in this blog. I think I’m going to start publishing them. This should be fun!!

1 thought on “Everything (that I bought) Is Planted

  1. Patsy & Ray Richardson

    Good evening. Your puppies all are adorable. Ray & l live in Tacoma Wash. on 3/4 acre, on a quiet dead end rd. We are grandparents, in our early 70,s. Our golden retriever, Buddy is 16 & slowing down. Our grandaughter has a 3 yr. old male cavachon…we love him. He sits on Rays lap, not mine. It is just endearing. Anyway, we’d love to have our own💜 Maybe a med. size? I would walk him down our road. It would make me get out & walk more. I,m fond of the bisquit color, with white. It doesn’t matter so much as the love & temperment is the most important💜 What do you think❓ l know your waiting list is impressive, alls well in God’s good timing. Yours Truely, Patsy & Ray Richardson


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