Salsa on a Saturday Night

Our life is very exciting!

We made salsa tonight. 

I’m going to show you pictures. These are not staged. I use my iPhone. I don’t have the time, energy, or desire to present an edited version of our life. I’m a regular person, in an outdated kitchen, and this is our real life.

My son just walked through the kitchen while I was typing and said, 

“Salsa smells good!  Its a bubbling!”


These are the last of the tomatoes from our garden. 


Sliced for the handy chopper. 


This is the best chopper ever. It’s called a Vidalia Chopper. 


Let’s be real. This is a messy job. 

Chopped tomatoes. We needed 17 lbs of tomatoes for the recipe.


I am not a super cook. I use this…


And this…


And all mixed together it looks like this. 


Right now it’s simmering for 10 minutes. Then we plan to process it in the steam canner in pint jars. 

Tonight I will feel like I accomished something, and there is a sense of relief that the tomatoes didn’t go to waste and rot on the counter!

Because it’s real life here, and stuff rots sometimes!!

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