A Different Kind of Christmas

I am silent here, but life keeps flying by. Since my last post, we’ve gotten serious about our money issues and we’ve done something about it.

We are finally on a…BUDGET! Yes, that dreaded word.

But it has been a huge blessing and we have covered some serious ground since August of this year.

But I don’t want to talk about that as much as I want to share my idea for Christmas this year. I’ve been discussing with the kids, and asking them what they want to do. I’ve had several conversations, but have come away with nothing inspiring and everything costing too much money, especially since it had to fit into this wonderful thing called a budget!

But the other night, an idea came to me. I’ll let the following photos tell the story!…

Everybody gets one of these!


And everybody gets one of these!


The envelopes are ready and I’m deciding what day will be best for giving these out.


I’ll post an update and let everyone know if it’s a success, or a royal flop!

Let the fun begin!!

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