Friends Rock

This past week I made soup.


It was delicious. In fact, it was so good, I wanted to share it with friends, so I put it in the freezer so my family could not devour it. I invited one family, but they had previous plans, so I invited another family to come over Friday night and share our table.

When Friday rolled around, one member of their family was feeling a bit “under the weather”, but instead of canceling the plans, we decided to share the soup at their house instead of ours. This would allow everyone to still get together, while also allowing their younger brother to rest in his room. I also made Cabbage Pockets, and brought avocado for some last-minute guacamole.


Avocado, Olive, Pepper Salad

I can’t even begin to tell you what a great evening we had. My friend “K” set her table beautifully, with candles and dimmed lighting.


There was gentle music playing, and best of all, we can totally be ourselves with these people! There is nothing better than down to earth friendship, no lost expectations, and just genuine companionship in spending time together. Finding a family where both spouses get along is also a rare treat, but we have found that with this family.


“K”, Horse Girl, “T”, “J”, & The Woodman


“J”, Bookworm Guy, & Computer Boy

The “cabbage pockets” are on the plate to the left. Everybody absolutely devoured them. I’ll share a recipe the next time I make them. My family decided they should be made at least twice monthly and served in their sack lunches!

At the end of the evening, we brought in our puppy and he just loved every minute of being held, and petted, and loved on! I went away feeling happy, and just grateful that life offers these moments of true joy, and genuine friendship.



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