New Year New Start

2013 has begun.  It’s time for a new blog.  I have actually had this blog sitting here and waiting for a long time.  I just haven’t had anything positive to share, or so it seemed.  The last 5 years have been the hardest of my life.  I am glad they are over.  I am glad I have learned through them.  I am stronger because of them.  They did not break me.

I am ready to move forward, ready to embrace the life God has given me, ready to give it my best effort.  There is nothing else to do but live the life you have, and live it to the fullest.  And so I embark on the same journey I’ve had for the past 5 years, and the years before that, but equipped with a resolve to make it the best life that it can be.  Welcome 2013.  Let’s see where this year takes us…

By KMc
© 2013 GraceWithoutTears.  All rights reserved.

1 thought on “New Year New Start

  1. Bethany

    Attitude is so important, isn’t it? I have to remind myself of that constantly … usually about the time I’m making mountains out of molehills or continually being disappointed by my own unrealistic expectations. 🙂


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